Weed in St. Petersburg

Weed-in-St. Petersburg. Weed in St. Petersburg.

Marijuana in St Petersburg, Russia. Saint Petersburg is without a doubt one of Europe’s and the world’s most beautiful cities. It was formerly Russia’s imperial capital, but it is still one of the country’s most important cultural and economic centers. The city is now dynamic and modern, with a plethora of bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, but it has managed to retain its ancient and majestic character. Cannabis is outlawed in Russia, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be found there. Read more on how to get cannabis/weed in St Petersburg.

Weed in St. Petersburg – Cannabis laws in Russia

Surprisingly, Russia is much more liberal than many other European countries when it comes to narcotics including marijuana. Being found with 20 grams of cannabis was deemed an administrative offense prior to 2003; however, this has now been decreased to 6 grams of cannabis. If you are caught, you will have to pay a fine, but it is also typical for police officers to demand a bribe. The consequences of selling and growing can be severe.

When it comes to smoking pot, elderly individuals, as well as the police, are pretty unfavorable. As a result, it is preferable to smoke weed inside or at the very least away from public places.

Where to get Cannabis/weed in St Petersburg

It is possible to obtain cannabis/weed in St Petersburg, but it is also dangerous. Near many metro stations, you can discover traders, most of whom are from the former Soviet bloc, who will have something to sell. However, this is risky because you could be robbed at the very least. It’s usually best to get to know some locals and enlist their assistance in weed hunting. If you elect to go the street dealer route, the Russian terminology for weed and hash are ‘anasha’ and ‘gashish,’ respectively.

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