Weed in Salzburg


Get cannabis in Salzburg. “Salt Castle” is the meaning of the name Salzburg (Latin: Salis Burgium). The name comes from the salt-carrying boats on the Salzach River, which had to pay a toll in the 8th century, as was usual for many municipalities and cities along European rivers. Salzburg is Austria’s fourth and, arguably, most attractive city. The city is full of palaces designed to be explored from a lofty vantage point. With a little weed, you’ll have a great time in Salzburg. Here’s our weed in Salzburg  guide.

Weed in Salzburg – Cannabis laws in Salzburg – Austria

Salzburg has a laid-back attitude toward marijuana. Cannabis is neither totally legal nor entirely illegal, despite this. Simply put, this means that while cannabis is permitted for medical and industrial purposes, it is forbidden for recreational use.
Cannabis is forbidden to possess and use. However, it’s possible that the police will only issue you a warning if they find you in possession of a modest amount of marijuana that is intended for personal use.

The police may punish you in some circumstances or even refer you to a rehabilitation center. It is forbidden to smoke it in public, so exercise extreme caution if you must.

Where to get marijuana in Salzburg

Salzburg’s cannabis culture is sadly not highly developed. Due to the city’s size, it may be challenging for a visitor who doesn’t know any locals to obtain marijuana.

You can only search for drug dealers on the streets. But locating them could be difficult as well! Simply have a look around during the evenings or at night in the taverns, stations, or bridges. The parks can also be explored. However, be aware that the quality of the marijuana will be really low, and you might even be taken advantage of.

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