Weed in Eindhoven

Weed in Eindhoven. Eindhoven, the Netherlands’ fifth-largest city, is a terrific destination to visit for a weekend getaway. Eindhoven’s nightlife is fantastic, and marijuana is readily available. Here’s our guide to Eindhoven’s coffeeshops and cannabis.

Weed in Eindhoven – Weed laws in Eindhoven

Cannabis is prohibited in the Netherlands, contrary to popular belief. It is, nevertheless, tolerated and decriminalized. Eindhoven, like Amsterdam, has a plethora of coffeeshops. Cofeeshops are the only legal places in the Netherlands to purchase marijuana and hashish. Despite the fact that marijuana is technically prohibited, officials allow it to be sold and consumed in coffee shops. In Eindhoven, smoking is prohibited in public locations, but you can definitely get away with it in the park. To buy marijuana in Eindhoven, just like in Amsterdam, you’ll need an ID that shows you’re over the age of 18.

However, this was not always the case; in the past, cannabis could only be sold to Eindhoven residents. Despite being prohibited, street dealing continues on a minor basis. Although buying from street vendors is prohibited, you are unlikely to face serious consequences. Selling outside of a coffee shop, on the other hand, is prohibited and might result in jail time.

Where to Get Cannabis in Eindhoven

There is no motive to buy from street-dealers in Eindhoven now that there are so many coffee shops. They will offer you weed in smaller quantities for a higher price, and there is a good risk you will be taken advantage of. Instead, here are two of Eindhoven’s top coffeeshops:

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