Weed In Antwerp

Weed-In-Antwerp. Weed In Antwerp

Weed In Antwerp. The history of Antwerp, a port city on the River Scheldt in Belgium, dates back to the Middle Ages. Thousands of diamond traders, cutters, and polishers are housed in the Diamond District, which has been around for generations. The Grote Markt, a major intersection in the old town, is a prime example of Antwerp’s Flemish Renaissance architecture.

Cannabis Law in Belgium

In 2015, 3 grams of cannabis may be legally possessed without any hesitation. Even this quantity is now unlawful due to recent changes in the law. If you carry more than 3-5 grams, you risk getting into more serious legal issues. If you choose to grow one cannabis plant at home, it is also OK. However, it is strictly forbidden to distribute it, smoke it, or grow it in a public place.

Where to Get Cannabis in Antwerp:

Your greatest option for discovering dealers is Groenplaats, a large city square. In addition, you can keep a lookout near parks, trails, or even the river. It won’t be difficult to spot persons who are simply waiting for smokers to approach them. However, you should exercise extreme caution because this location is under regular police surveillance. Other places to visit include parks or paths near the river, which are popular with smokers.

Cannabis Prices in Antwerp:

Cannabis is sold at various rates and even in varying grade depending on the location and the vendor. In plain English, the dealer has the option.Hash is more affordable than cannabis in terms of cost. A gram of high-quality marijuana costs about $12. Hash-a-gram, on the other hand, costs around $10.

Weed In Antwerp. Weed In Antwerp.

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