Weed in Antalya

Weed-in-Antalya. Weed in Antalya.

Weed in Antalya. Antalya is one of The most popular seaside resorts in Turkey. The area is surrounded by hotels and all-inclusive resorts and is located on the Turkish Riviera. No matter if you want to stay at your hotel resort during your trip or explore some of the neighboring historic places, you won’t be disappointed. When there is delicious cuisine, good weather, and stunning beaches, it is common to desire to use marijuana. However, because to Turkey’s severe drug prohibitions, it will be challenging for Westerners to obtain cannabis there (Antalya).

Weed in Antalya – Cannabis laws in Turkey

The fact that 30% of Istanbul’s population consumes marijuana suggests that society as a whole is accepting of the drug. Turkey has severe cannabis regulations, making it illegal to engage in any cannabis-related activity. Cannabis is still illegal there, so if you are found in possession of it, you will probably be punished and put in jail. For locals, everything is as it always is; for visitors, things are different. If a police officer finds you, there is a good chance that they will accept a small bribe.

Finding weed in Antalya

It’s not difficult to find high-quality cannabis in Antalya. Visit Parks and train stations. You will find weed dealers there. You’ll need to also ask around maybe in nightclubs, valets or bartenders. If you happen to witness someone smoking, approach them and inquire. You could also talk to club promoters, who may have an idea or know a dealer. The cannabis is often of good quality, however this varies greatly from dealer to dealer. Keep an eye on he cops. You don’t wanna get any issues.

Weed in Antalya. Weed in Antalya.

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