Get Weed in Sofia

Get-Weed-in-Sofia. Get Weed in Sofia.

Get Weed in Sofia. Bulgaria, a country in the Balkans, has Sofia as its capital. It can be found in the west of the nation, beneath Vitosha Mountain. More than 2,000 years of history, including Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Soviet occupation, are reflected in the city’s landmarks. 13th-century frescoes can be found in the medieval Boyana Church. 

Get Weed in Sofia – Cannabis Laws in Sofia, Bulgaria

According to Bulgarian law, marijuana is not allowed there. Cannabis is categorized as a hard drug, like heroin and cocaine. The most likely outcome if you are found in possession of a small amount of marijuana is that you will have to pay a fine or spend the night in jail. As a holiday destination, Sofia’s police are less strict when it comes to marijuana use since they want more visitors.
Cannabis is considered a class A substance, thus using it or consuming cannabis-related products is prohibited.

Where to Get Weed in Sofia

Asking around will help you find someone willing to sell to you if you can’t find anyone. However, One of the most popular marijuana purchase spot is in front of the National Theatre. When it becomes dark out, it’s common to see teenagers smoking marijuana on park benches. By asking them, you could linked up with dealers.  Although it varies from dealer to dealer, the quality of the cannabis is frequently good.

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