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Get-Weed-in-Athens. Get Weed in Athens.

Get Weed in Athens. Even while exploring the streets of Athens is a fascinating experience in and of itself, one of the few attractions that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime is the Parthenon. The traces of Athens’ vast history may be observed all across the city because it is an ancient one. In addition to its history, the city features exciting nightlife and stunning beaches. It’s great to travel to Athens. Cannabis is strictly prohibited in Greece, but you may find weed/marijuana in Athens.

Cannabis Laws in Greece 

Marijuana cultivation, sales, and smoking are not permitted in public. Be careful since committing these crimes will lead to your arrest.
In Athens, smoking in public places is a very uncommon occurrence. When it comes to marijuana, the law enforcement can be quite harsh. It is shocking to learn that heroin is more accessible than weed, though. But given how stringent the police are, it is crucial to use caution while dealing with marijuana.
If a police officer discovers you in possession of even a small amount, they may summon you to court. There, you will very definitely only be given a fine, but in many cases, you may have to spend one or two nights in jail before you can appear in court.

Where to Get Cannabis in Athens

In Athens, finding marijuana can be a little difficult. Visit Geraniou St., Menandrou St., Evripidou St., Kavouri Shoreline, and Limanakia Beach are a few locations you can check out to acquire marijuana.

If you don’t know anyone, you’ll need to ask around maybe in nightclubs or bartenders. If you happen to witness someone smoking, approach them and inquire. You could also talk to club promoters, who may have an idea or know a dealer. The cannabis is often of good quality, however this varies greatly from dealer to dealer. 

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