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Weed in Munich

Weed-in-Munich. Weed in Munich.

Where to get weed in Munich. Munich, Bavaria’s capital, is one of Germany’s most attractive cities. It boasts wonderful architecture and a rich and interesting history, and it is frequently compared to Vienna. Munich is most known for its Oktoberfest, but it offers a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene all year. Despite largely permissive regulations regarding […]

Weed in Cologne (Koln)

Weed-in-Cologne-(Koln). Weed in Cologne (Koln).

Where to get cannabis in Cologne(koln). Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city, with a history dating back over 2000 years. Cologne is a great destination to visit if you enjoy architecture and exploring the city. The city isn’t particularly popular with tourists, and the smoking herb is tolerated. Because marijuana isn’t totally legal, there are certain restrictions, so familiarize […]

Weed in Dusseldorf

Weed-in-Dusseldorf. Weed in Dusseldorf.

Getting cannabis Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is a beautiful city with a thriving fashion industry. The city’s architecture is stunning, with the Old Town at its heart. The Rhine River divides the city into two sections, and there are numerous noteworthy spots along the river. The city is relatively walkable, with many parks nearby, making it ideal for cannabis […]