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Weed in Zagreb

Weed-in-Zagreb. Weed in Zagreb.

Where to Get cannabis in Zagreb.  Every year, nearly a million tourists visit Zagreb, Croatia’s main city. It’s only reasonable that some of those visitors will want to get high while there. So here you have it, our cannabis guide for Zagreb. Weed in Zagreb – Cannabis Laws Croatia has lenient marijuana regulations. Small amounts of marijuana […]

Weed in Brac

Weed-in-Brac. Weed in Brac.

Weed in Brac. Croatia is recognized for its stunning coastline, which is dotted with gorgeous beaches and surrounded by islands. Brac is one of Croatia’s major islands. Due to its well-preserved medieval buildings, sandy beaches, and delectable cuisine, it is a famous tourist destination. While on vacation, smoking weed is a terrific way to enhance […]

Weed in Krk

Weed-in-Krk. Weed in Krk.

Weed in Krk. Krk is the most populous of Croatia’s islands, as well as one of the most visited. The island has a long and illustrious history, dating back to prehistoric times and passing through Roman, Venetian, Austrian, and Croatian sovereignty. It’s reasonable if you want to smoke some pot while visiting Krk; nevertheless, you […]

Weed in Hvar

Weed-in-Hvar. Weed in Hvar.

Hvar is the most well-known of Croatia’s Dalmatian islands. Celebrities have been flocking to the island in recent years, and it is now considered Croatia’s most opulent resort. It also serves excellent cuisine and beverages, albeit it is not cheap. The island attracts a large number of youthful partygoers, making it an all-around wonderful tourist […]