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Weed in Salzburg


Get cannabis in Salzburg. “Salt Castle” is the meaning of the name Salzburg (Latin: Salis Burgium). The name comes from the salt-carrying boats on the Salzach River, which had to pay a toll in the 8th century, as was usual for many municipalities and cities along European rivers. Salzburg is Austria’s fourth and, arguably, most attractive […]

Weed in St. Anton


In the Alps, Austria is well-known for its ski resorts. If you enjoy having a good time while being surrounded by nature and participating in exciting outdoor activities, you should consider visiting St. Anton, a small Austrian municipality full of resorts.What could be better than smoking marijuana while skiing and spending time with the people […]

Weed in Graz

Weed-in-Graz. Weed in Graz.

Get weed in Graz . Graz is Austria’s second-largest city, after Vienna. The city is noted for its well-preserved city center, which is considered one of Central Europe’s most attractive.Graz is also home to six universities with a total student population of about 60,000.The city’s unusual blend of old buildings and student life gives it a distinct […]

Weed In Vienna


Weed In Vienna. Best weed-friendly travel destinations. Austria’s capital, Vienna, is situated on the Danube River in the east of the nation. Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud were among the people who helped to shape the city’s cultural and intellectual legacy. The city is renowned for its Imperial palaces, which include Schönbrunn, the summer home […]