Cannabis in Liege

Exploring cannabis in Liege is a lot of fun for those who want to see the city through cannabis’s eyes. In the French-speaking Wallonia area of Belgium, the Meuse River city of Liège has long been a center of commerce and culture. The Romanesque Church of St. Bartholomew is one of many medieval-era landmarks that can be found in the city’s old town.

Cannabis Laws in Liege, Belgium

Despite the fact that cannabis is prohibited, the government has decided not to give it much attention.
You will incur the following fines if you are found smoking marijuana in Aalst:

Few severe penalties apply to anyone carrying less than 5 grams. The worst-case scenario calls for you to pay a fee between 90 and 150 euros. Just in case you forgot, any extra marijuana you have in your possession will be confiscated if it is found.

You might get in a lot of problems with the law if you’re found with more than 5 grams. Being accused of selling marijuana for profit or of being a dealer may result in a harsher police response.

Where to Find Cannabis in Liege, Belgium

Maintain your attention on locals who have the appearance of a potential buyer or seller. Cannabis is relatively easy to come by in Liege. Younger people are more likely to assist you in finding what you’re looking for. Clubs and bars are a good target. The train station is also a potential place for finding cannabis regions. Keep in mind that the more busy an area is, the more likely you are to get a better offer. But however, keep an eye on the cops.

Cannabis in Liege. Cannabis in Liege.

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